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Our Programs

About Us is a subdivision of One on One Learning an accredited tutoring services program that offers online tutoring services. One On One Learning has been providing individual and group tutoring services for over 12 years.

Founded by Mr. Marcel Monnar, who as a child, was a struggling learner himself, and later recognized the need for a quality program offering individualized instruction to struggling learners in a “one-on-one” setting. He set out to create such a program and today One on One Learning services will be offered and available online. His philosophy for providing his services is predicated on two simple words: Individualization and Quality. strives to provide a high-quality program by incorporating the core beliefs of trust and reliability coupled with individualized attention.

Mr. Monnar graduated from Florida International University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Specific Learning Disabilities. He has extensive experience in working with students of all ages and abilities, parents, and administrators. His services are provided in Florida, Texas, Connecticut, South Carolina, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Iowa, and North Dakota. Mr. Monnar is the Founding President of the FIU College of Education Alumni Chapter, is a member of the Education Industry Association, and is currently pursuing a Specialist Degree in School Psychology at Florida International University. Additionally, Mr. Monnar serves on the SES Advisory Panel for the State of Florida Department of Education.


One on One Learning tutors are highly qualified and have a vast compilation ofexperi ence and expertise. We focus on hiring and training professional experienced motivated individuals who deliver high-quality instruction while maintaining and meeting the high standards set by One on One Learning. All One on One Learning tutors have cleared background checks and are fully compliant with the Jessica Lunsford Act. We strive to provide a safe and ethical environment for your child. In addition to having the desire to help students, One on One Learning tutors gain additional knowledge and expertise through professional development opportunities conducted by leading professionals in the field of education.

Professional Development opportunities provided by One Online Learning include topics such as:

  • Tutor Ethics
  • Effective Strategies for Teaching Reading
  • Effective Strategies for Teaching Math
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • How to Manage Behavior Effectively
  • Working with Students with Special Needs


Additionally, every One on One Learning tutor is trained to work with the individual student to which they are assigned. Since every child has different needs and learning styles, tutors work to target the specific needs and implement effective strategies that enhance learning and assist students reach their full potential.


Over the past few years, the ACT has gained popularity nationwide and has become more popular than the SAT among college applicants. The ACT tests are based on what is taught in high school curriculum instead of being an aptitude test—students are generally more comfortable with the curriculum based ACT, more so is this true in minority students. The ACT has also partnered with the Common Core State Standards Initiative and aligned their courses to further prepare students for college readiness nationwide. It is universally accepted for college admission and specific benchmark scores on the ACT may be used for entry into community colleges that will allow students to be exempt from remedial courses. Realizing that scoring high on standardized tests like the ACT is important for the future of high school students as they transition to college.


  •  Benchmark and research-based curriculum
  •  Adaptable program design
  •  Individualized lesson plans
  •  Highly qualified staff
  •  Full ‘real’ pre- and post-test
  •  Itemized score reports
  •  Effective test-taking strategies

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